Rose Moon is an award winning painter, a poet, and now author of the book Unfathomable. She lives in the high desert of Arizona with her husband Rik Farrow, editor of Login Magazine.

“I started writing a novel” she says, “in order to encourage my husband who was the writer in the family. He kept talking about writing short stories or a novel. I surprised myself because once I got started I couldn’t stop. Each morning I would wake up having dreamed the next chapter. Because writing prose wasn’t my thing, I had to learn how. I’d always heard that as you grow older you need to learn a foreign language to keep your mind alert, but I felt like I’d never really learned English. So why not start there?”

This process led Rose to discover that her artwork and now writing fell into the category of Magical Realism. When she learned about Magical Realism from Alberto Rios, Arizona Poet Laureate, she says that she finally felt at home with herself. Earlier while living in New Mexico she discovered Carlos Castaneda and understood the magnetic pull of the desert. “It’s the sky,” she says, “and it’s the magic.”

You will interpret her paintings and her book in your own way and that is what she wants you to do. They are captured dreams made to be interpreted in whatever way suits you. Having lived in boarder states most of her life, she absorbed the saturated colors of Mexico, the vibrant brassy sounds of the music, the mystery of the culture, and of course, tacos, enchiladas, and sopapillas with honey. As a child she vowed to get a Chihuahua when she grew up. Instead she fell in love with Castaneda stories, books she still continues to read over and over again.

Her novel Unfathomable and the paintings that her character, Laurence, paints do not tell a Castaneda story, but a story that somewhat mirrors the impact those stories had on Rose. “Don Juan is my spiritual teacher,” she says, “even if he is fictional, perhaps someone Carlos dreamed.”