Rose Moon, Artist
and Author of

This is a magical realism story about an art professor who is kidnapped and placed in a splendid studio somewhere in the Sonoran Desert. She is told to paint whatever she desires. This sounds like every artist’s dream and dreaming is the name of the game in this strange and mysterious setting. 

Unfathomable Book Cover

Floods happen even in the desert. Everything that happens invade our dreams. 

The Flood of Oak Creek 

Oil on Canvas

I Thought I Was A Fish

Laurence’s first painting in the desert studio. 


I Thought I Was a Fish

Acrylic and Oil


Dreaming is a way of releasing the stress of living.



Acrylic on Board

Place to Dream Up a Storm

Laurence and Alice go for a walk on the desert where they find strange things. 


 A Place to Dream Up a Storm

Oil on board

Laurence tries to capture images of people and things she encounters on her adventure.



Water color on paper

Blue Skies

Laurence worries about the danger of schools. She paints an image of a girl on her way to spend her day prepared for the worst.


Blue Skies

Acrylic on board


The Birth and Death Party

Life is filled with scary dreams and they do come true. 


The Birth and Death Party

Oil on Canvas


Fire happens on the desert too. Laurence may have gown some roses. 


Acrylic on Board

In current times even Jesus must have a job. What better than to sell fish at the market.

Jesus at Work

Acrylic on Board

Is it a dream or is this really happening? 


Watercolor and WC pencil on heavy paper

Sometimes my head is gone and creative ideas flow out from the universe.

Blind Date with Art

Watercolor and WC Pencil on heavy paper

This is a self portrait that viewers tend to step back from. 

I Don’t Stop At My Body

Watercolor on heavy paper

Jamie at the Wall

Mixed Media